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High-Quality Survival Watch - Paracord Watch for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Being prepared for the unexpected is now as simple as wearing the paracord Survival Watch on your wrist. No outdoor accessory offers the same flexibility and quality the patent-pending Survival WATCH. Lightweight and durable, a Survival WATCH paracord watch is a clever, cost-effective tool that has it all.

Life-Saving Features

Survival WATCH is a multi-functional survival accessory that differs from all other similar products on the market. Our paracord survival watches and paracord survival bracelets are hand-made, innovative accessories no outdoor enthusiast should be without. Our one-of-a-kind Survival WATCH includes the following features:

  • 12 + ft. of 550-lb nylon paracord material
  • Magnesium flint-rod fire starter
  • 150 dB whistle
  • Recreational compass
  • Water resistant stainless steel time-piece
  • Adjustable Paracord band

Endless Outdoor Uses

In a survival situation, a paracord watch like the Survival WATCH is a must-have. The Survival WATCH can start fires, alert nearby rescuers, navigate you home, and more. The military-spec 550-lb nylon paracord material used to fabricate our watches and parachute cord bracelets is both heavy-duty and versatile. With 12 + ft. of material to work with, the uses for our survival bracelets and watches include, but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Setting traps
  • Weaving fishing nets
  • Marking trails
  • Sewing & stitching
  • Creating hammocks
  • Safely storing food
  • Making quick dental floss
  • Fashioning belts, suspenders & shoelaces
  • Making bows or handles for knives

Be Prepared For the Unexpected With the Survival Watch® Paracord Watch

You never know what's just around the corner, so it makes sense to be prepared. The problem is, no one wants to carry a 50lb backpack full of survival kit equipment every day, just in case they need it. The Survival Watch Paracord survival band provides a unique solution to this problem, incorporating a vital kit of survival tools in a trendy time piece, with a patent-pending strap. Small and inconspicuous, the Survival Watch® can be worn on the wrist and be used as a watch for every day use; doubling as a handy survival tool should the need for one arise.

Why a Paracord Bracelet or Watch?

At first sight this handy survival accessory looks similar to other corded paracord bracelets and bands, knotted in an attractive king-cobra band pattern. Once the bracelet is unwound, the strap stretches into 12+ft of strong military-grade parachute cord, providing a bracelet strap that has a wide range of uses in a survival situation.

Whether you regularly embark on ambitious adventures, are an extreme outdoor enthusiast, or just want to be prepared for the unexpected, a paracord bracelet or watch with integrated survival tools can be a cost-effective an attractive way to be prepared - and the Survival WATCH® has it all! The Survival WATCH® comes in a variety of colors, and the 550 paracord band comes in varieties as well. The watch is not just for men – many women love the pink/black 500 paracord band as well!