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How A Camo Paracord Bracelet Or Watch Could Save Your Life

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While there are some that dislike the outdoors, others thrive on it and want to enjoy nature. Whether you enjoy hiking in the woods or camping, you want to be as safe as possible. There may come a time where you find yourself without shelter or the makings of a fire, so it is important to understand how to find those things for yourself. However, many times, there isn’t anything available to help you, which is why a camo paracord bracelet or watch could be beneficial.


Shelter is a necessary thing when in the wilderness because it can help keep you dry and warm, but will also keep you out of sight of predators. Survival bracelets are made from multiple strands of durable materials so you can cut it, unravel it and use the inner strands to lash branches together for a shelter.


Finding food is important, especially if you are caught outside for an extended time. You can use these bracelets to build traps and snares for food, or you can create a fishing line or net to catch fish for dinner.

Start Fires

While everyone understands the necessity of bringing matches along, you could run out, or they could get too wet to work. Therefore, you may find yourself in need of a camo paracord bracelet or watch, which can be used to start a fire. First, it can be unraveled to create tinder, but it can also be used as a bow drill to help create the most heat and friction.

Trip Line

Whether you are being chased by someone or something, or you want to get more help finding something to eat, you can use your cord as a trip line, allowing you to trip predators or food easily. If you are trying to get away from someone bad, it allows you more time to get away while they try and get up.


These bracelets can also be used to create a tourniquet, splint or sling, which could help save your life and limbs. If you are severely injured and bleeding, you need to stop the flow of blood quickly to restore your life and keep away predators. If you fall and break your arm, you can use it to create a splint or sling so that the broken or hurt areas aren’t moved unnecessarily.