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Reasons To Consider A Camo Paracord Bracelet

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Camouflage is a popular fashion accessory, whether you want to wear a formal dress or pants. There are many versions of camouflage, such as lighter colors, darker colors and traditional. While it started out as a military thing to keep soldiers safe while dealing with enemies, it became popular with hunters, as well. It was easier to hide from prey, allowing you to get closer and ultimately make the kill, whether for sport or food.

Nowadays, camo is more of a fashion sense for some areas, and even celebrities are getting in on the colorway.


While most hunters use camouflage, it is not recommended for those who are going to be in the wilderness. If you are going camping or hiking, it is best to wear bright colors, especially blaze orange, if you’re going to be in the woods during hunting season. However, people still enjoy camouflage colors, so you may want to consider a paracord bracelet in the colorway. You can also choose from black and olive drab, to give the “military” look without the camouflage.

When You Want Camo

If you are a bird-watcher or photographer, you may decide camouflage will work better for you because it will help you blend in. You are likely going to be sitting still for long periods, making it easier to blend in. Most people incorrectly believe that animals can’t see you if you wear camouflage, but they notice movement just like you do. Therefore, unless you’re going to be sitting quietly for a long time, it may be better to wear bright colors.

When You Want Bright Colors

Any time you will be in the woods, it is usually a good idea to wear brighter colors. If it is during hunting season, you’ll want to wear blaze orange, because it warns other hunters in the area that you are there. Bright colors can also help you get noticed if you get injured or otherwise need assistance. If you wear camouflage and blend into your surroundings and are hurt and can’t move, you won’t be easily noticed unless someone walks near or onto you.


Paracord bracelets are a necessity in the woods or anywhere outdoors, especially if you’ll be far away from help as it can be a life saviour. They can be used in many situations, from tying a backpack to making a shelter and from making a tourniquet to making a fire.