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Stay Safe on Your Outdoor Adventures

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Whether you're an outdoorsman who prefers to go hiking on local trails or you'd rather push your boundaries with a weekend expedition through the woods, staying safe when venturing into the wilderness is crucial. The elements can be harsh, and simple hikes can easily turn into something more than you bargained for. Any good outdoorsman knows how important it is to be prepared, and there’s no better way to accomplish that than with a paracord bracelet. Uses of these handy products include:

  • A built-in emergency whistle
  • Fire starting materials
  • A functional watch
  • 12 feet of Nylon Paracord
  • Directional compass

A One-of-a-Kind SurvivalWATCH
The survival bracelet uses listed above are all built right into the functional and convenient SurvivalWATCH. Wearing it just like a regular wrist watch, the wearer will never have to face the situation of being stranded in the woods without the tools he or she needs to make it home or make it through the night. Whether it's a fishing trip, a simple hike or a hunting expedition – anyone who spends time outdoors can appreciate this revolutionary product.

When You'll Need It
Unfortunately, not every explorer intends on getting lost or stranded during an outdoor adventures. But mistakes can happen, and one wrong turn can leave you in need of a compass, a way to create warmth for your campsite or a method of getting help from afar. The survival bracelet uses listed above cover all of these needs, and you won't even have to dig through a heavy knapsack to find them.

Don't Travel Without One
The Paracord bracelet uses we've mentioned here show you just how valuable this simple product can be. By investing in a SurvivalWATCH, your friends and family can know that you have the survival tools you need the next time you head out on an adventure. When emergency strikes in the wild, you have to not only be a quick thinker – but you also have to be prepared. By gearing up and adding a handy Paracord survival bracelet to your arsenal, you can feel confident no matter where your adventures take you.