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Useful Additions to a Paracord Bracelet

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For most camping enthusiasts, having the right supplies for their trips is a top concern. There are so many different types of supplies out there, which means finding the right ones may be a bit time consuming. Among the most used and popular survival supplies out there is a survival bracelet. While this type of bracelet can be very beneficial, there are a number of things that cannot be done with it. The manufacturers of these bracelets have realized this problem and have begun putting out paracord bracelets with various additions. Here are some of the most useful additions and how they can benefit you out in the wild.

A Firestarter Paracord

Among the most useful additions out there in the world of paracord is a fire starter. When out in the wild, you will have to make a fire to keep yourself warm and to keep animals away. This can be very hard without the help of a fire starter. With this type of addition you will not have any trouble getting a fire light in a hurry.

Paracord with Fishing Line

When out in the wild, you will also need to find some food to keep your energy up. Usually, bodies of water will be all around you during a camping trip. Having a paracord with fishing line in it can allow you to catch your dinner with ease. While regular paracord can be used as fishing line, it can be a bit cumbersome to cut it and peel it apart. By having this type of addition, a camper will not have to worry about putting so much work into catching the food they need.

Compass Paracord Bracelets

Another very helpful addition to have on a paracord bracelet is a compass. Getting turned around while in the wild is easy to do, which is why have a way to keep you on course if necessary. With the compass, you will be able to get information regarding what direction you are going. This will make navigating around vast areas of wilderness much easier. Be sure to check the quality and accuracy of the compass before taking it out into the woods.

The more you are able to find out about what your needs are, the easier it will be to get the right paracord bracelet additions. The time that is put into finding the right bracelets will be well worth it in the end.