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What Is A Military Paracord Bracelet And Why It Is Needed?

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Survival bracelets have popped up everywhere as an excellent accessory to have in an emergency situation. However, most people don’t understand why they are so important or where they were created. Most people just like the way they look. Some military families use them to hold onto a part of their family member who is overseas, but wouldn’t need to use them in a survival situation. However, a paracord bracelet is much more than a fashion statement or a memory of a loved one.

550 Cord

550-cord is so called because it has a combined breaking weight of 550 pounds. Also known as parachute cord, it is versatile and durable and is considered military grade. It is a lightweight nylon cord and was used primarily as suspension lines for US parachutes. Originally, it has 32 strands of woven nylon for the outer sheath with seven, three-ply inner nylon yarns. However, commercial grade versions may only have two-ply yarns and may only come with five instead of seven.

Not all cords are created equal, so it is necessary to ensure that you get the right kind. For one thing, China has started producing cord bracelets, as well, and sometimes their products aren’t as durable as American made versions.

It is usually best to use a reputable source for your paracord bracelet and ensure that it says “military grade” or “authentic” somewhere on the packaging. If you’re just buying the cord to create your own bracelets, you can go through Army surplus stores and others to ensure you get authentic and quality options. If you buy the bracelets already made or those with watches and compasses and other luxury accessories, make sure it is genuine and suitable to your needs.

Most 550 cord options will provide you with at least 225 feet of cord. However, those cords with multiple colors may have smaller amounts of each color, all that add up to 225 feet. In some instances, you may require the full amount in one long strand, so make sure you understand the difference between multi-colored and single-color options.


There are a limitless amount of uses for your paracord bracelet and you are thwarted only by your limited imagination. However, some options can include use as sewing thread, fishing lines, sutures, shelters, tying up gear, shoelaces, splints, creating snares or traps for animals and more.