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When Emergency Strikes, Be Prepared

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If you’re someone who enjoys getting outside and recharging your batteries every weekend, there’s a good chance that you’ve ventured out on hiking, hunting or fishing expeditions once or twice. It can be relaxing and rejuvenating to spend a day or two enjoying all that nature has to offer, but it’s important to be prepared when heading into the wild. Many modern explorers now wear a paracord watch when they head out. These amazing tools, better known as SurvivalWATCHES, provide the wearer with everything they need to stay safe should an emergency arise.

Planning Ahead

When wearing a paracord watch, you’ll quickly see why they’ve become so popular with the outdoor exploration crowd. Preparation is key when heading out for a hike or weekend expedition. However, it can be difficult to remember every essential item you’ll need should an emergency occur. Paracord survival watches have the following features built right in, meaning you won’t have to think twice about them once you snap it on: fire starter, watch, emergency whistle, 12 ft. of nylon paracord, flint rod and compass. Planning ahead for your outdoor excursion just got a whole lot easier!

Functional Tools

The SurvivalWATCH’s paracord watch band alone can be used for a number of different things. From building a shelter to sewing to acting as a wound tourniquet – the options are truly many. The flint rod and fire starter can also be life-saving tools, since they could be the only opportunity adventurers have provide warmth for their camp should they become stranded. Your paracord survival watch is much more than just an accessory. In fact, it could end up saving your life!

Why Wouldn’t You?

Paracord survival watches are an absolute must for anyone who spends time outdoors. Nothing is worse than running into an emergency situation in the middle of nowhere and realizing you forgot to pack your compass or you left your fire starting materials in a different bag. Preparation begins before you step foot out the door, and simply strapping on that paracord watch band will equip you with valuable life-saving tools in an instant.