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Who to Give Paracord Survival Bracelets To

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Paracord survival bracelets are useful for everyone in your family, in your office, and among your circle of friends. With so many uses, there is always a person you know that could benefit from these accessories. The different ways to put your parachute cord bracelets to work are seemingly endless, and can come in handy even when you least expect it. Here you can read some suggestions on who to give one of these survivalist wristlets to, and you may find that you will need to pick one up for yourself as well!

Hikers and Campers

For your friends who adore going on adventurous camping trips or enjoy nothing more than a long day of hiking through the mountains and hills, then they will go crazy for these bracelets. They will be able to use the cords to hang food out of reach of bears and other unwelcome visitors to their campsites. Moreover, the threads make great makeshift shoelaces, belts, and even dental floss, so that hikers can store more in their backpacks o lighten their load. Finally, camping will be so easy and simple when your happy camper friends use the cords to help secure a tent or shelter. Tarps can also be held in place so that staying dry and safe is not a problem.

For Fishermen (and Women)

For those who love to go fishing, or merely have a hobby of catching some fish, these parachute cords are a great fishing companion. Users can thread nets and fishing lines so that they can get the best catch of the day. Furthermore, the thin threads that can be separated from the interwoven braids make awesome materials for latching netting and hooking some bait.

A Marvel for Marksmen

If you have a friend who enjoys using a bow and arrow, they will be in awe of how paracords can help them fashion a homemade piece of equipment for their next outing. The threading can be utilized in crafting together a line of string for a quiver, and with the addition of some arrows, your friend will have all of the materials they need for a great hunting adventure or shooting practice.

Sewing Circles

Think you cannot give this accessory to your mother or another more mature female? Think again! With their tiny threading, these wristlets can be utilized in sewing circles or for making small stitches. That is right, you really cannot find a person in your life who will not be able to do some task or activity with these items.