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Why A Paracord Bracelet Is Considered The Ultimate In Accessories

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Whether you like to go hiking or camping, or you just want to be prepared in case of an emergency that you can’t even imagine, a quality paracord bracelet could be beneficial and prove to be a life savior in such situations. They are considered the ultimate accessory for many people, especially those who like to hike, bike, camp and hunt. However, most people don’t know what they are or what they can do.

What It Is

Paracord is a durable nylon cord that includes seven inner strands of nylon. The inner strands aren’t as large, but makes the entire thing more durable than other options. Most cord is 550-weight, which means it can support up to 550 pounds though it is probably not a good idea to test it. Because it can support so much weight, it can be used to make traps for food, but it can also be delicate enough to provide thread for sewing.

Accessories Offered By Some

While it is an accessory on its own, it can come with various features. You typically wear it on your wrist, or if you want a larger one, you can wear it around your ankle. Therefore, it is an accessory, just like traditional bracelets and anklets. However, it also comes with many other features, such as a compass, watch, flint/steel and more. This is why many are calling it the ultimate accessory because it can be so many things in one. Plus, you can unravel it to create thread, make shoelaces, tie together a shelter, make a fishing net or snare, tie a broken backpack strap, make fire and more.

How It Saves Your Life

Chances are, you won’t find yourself being pursued by an enemy, but you never know. It can be tied around two trees to create a trip line, allowing you more time to get away. It can also be used as a tourniquet. Whether a hunter accidentally shot a person, or you impale yourself with a branch, losing too much blood could be life-threatening. Cut off some of the cord and tie it around the limb in question to stop blood flow. Because you won’t be able to tie it tight enough, you can use a pocket knife or a small branch to twist the cord until it is tight enough to stop the flow of blood. The cord can also be used as a sling for a broken arm or to lash down a broken leg.