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Why The Olive Drab Bracelet And Watch Are The Ultimate Resource For Everyone

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Most people would love to hike the woods, go camping all alone and be in nature, but the problem is that nature can be dangerous. The woods are no place to be if you aren’t sure of yourself and your abilities, but even if you are, you could still wind up in trouble. Therefore, it is important to know what to do to save your life and have the tools necessary. While you’ll probably have many things to help you, wearing an olive drab bracelet or watch can also help, as it is the ultimate resource for all of your needs.

Call For Help

Paracord watches are becoming ever more popular because they allow you to do so much more. While you hope you never need them, they can allow you to call for help quickly using the emergency whistle, which is equipped with the device. The whistle allows you to call for help from one of your friends or someone nearby. Whether you just got lost or got hurt, you can still seek help.

Find Your Way

Many paracord watches offer a compass inside the piece so that you can always tell which way you’re headed. Of course, you’ll still need to know how to use a compass, but if you get lost, you can always find out which way is north and head in a straight line. At some point, you will come to a road or your camp. You can also use the paracord bracelet to wrap bits around trees to mark your way, so you don’t go in circles.

Build Fire

Building a fire can be difficult without matches, but it is impossible without flint or tinder. The olive drab survival watch comes with a flint rod and scraper, making it easier to start a fire for warmth, cooking or to keep away predators.

Why Paracord

Paracord is made of nylon strings and has been used by the military and for other tasks. They are strong and durable, though slightly flexible, meaning you can do so much with one single product. They can be used as ropes to secure shelter and tents, to tie knots, repair backpacks, make snares and traps, used as a net to catch fish and to sew/repair clothing. They can also be used as a sling or tourniquet, which can save your life and reduce medical problems.